Monday, August 23, 2010

Italian Night!

Tonight is Italian Night - we're talking spaghetti, pizza, garlic bread, and coffee! I'll be watching a movie over dinner (over buffet?). It's really too bad I can't buy some Italian shoes to celebrate... any of these would be fine.
Gucci dark berry "Sofia" high-heeled pumps, $475.99 (on sale for $356.99! What a bargain!),, available here.
I absolutely love the rich color, the classy rounded toe, and the little detail above the heel. So cute!

Fendi "Deco Bow" satin pumps, $655.00 (fabulous price, no?),, available here.
These are so elegant, and the bow makes me wanna squeal and jump! And the double platform is total eye candy.

Prada Multi-Flower Wedge in raspberry (also available in black), $415 (originally $620!),, available here.
Not really warm enough to wear wedges where I'm at, but I still adore the gorgeous flowers, the casual cork heel, the textured straps, and the beautiful raspberry pink. And I'm a sucker for a cute wedge.

Salvatore Ferragamo "Fioretta" pumps, $554 (Total steal),, available here.
I love how classy these are, but $554 for satin and leather?!
Versace Metallic Gold Greek Logo Shoes, originally $785, formerly $469, now $455.93 plus $15 shipping (Oh my god, best bargain ever) on! Available here.
A bit flashy, but GORGEOUS! (In this case, I would pronounce it gohr-guhs.)

So, you can go ahead and buy me any of those. Because, believe it or not, I'm not the kind of girl who'll pay $785 for a pair of heels. You're paying for the brand and the country, not the shoe. So I'd prefer to get these as a gift. (Best. Gift. Ever.)

Well, on that note, g'night!

Which of these shoes did you love/hate? Do you own any Italian shoes? (Do include pictures!) Have you ever been to Italy? Got any authentic Italian shoes that are cheap and not knock-offs?


  1. Hannah:(Sorry I'm replying so late - I was gonna wait til more people commented, but I'm NOT a patient person, so here I am! :P)
    First off, Hannah, congratz on being the first EVER commenter on Awesomeology! You must be so proud, for that is quite an honor.
    And, yes, it is awesome! You know how I roll, one awesome thing after another...after another...after another...sigh...
    Oh, and just so you guys know, Hannah is one of my real-life BFFs; right, Hannah? You tell 'em! :)


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