Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Flowers

1. Lily of the valley. This is quite possibly the best-smelling flower I've ever encountered. It's also pretty and unique. I think I'm in love.
Garden of Eaden
2. Rose. They're so pretty and they smell so good! Seriously, how can you not love this?
3. Forget-me-not. I love the color, and the shape, and the name...
4. Orchid. I'm very drawn to the eye-catching fuchsia and the unique shape.
Cornelius Nurseries, Inc.
5. Poppy. Poppies are just so drop-dead gorgeous and cute and darling and I just love 'em! (Poppy template - ring any bells?)
Flower Info

6. Lilac. Though I have a bad experience with lilac (liiiiike, a bumblebee coming out of one and almost stinging my nose in my own backyard), I love the flower. It's so beautiful, and the four-petal shape is total eye candy. And they smell really good.
Types of Flowers
7. Lavender. Sorry about the bumblebees - it was the best picture I could find. I'm experiencing a terrible case of déjà vu from the bumblebees, though - I'll spare you that. But it smells amazing. Smell is an important thing for me.
The Firefly Forest
8. Chamomile. It's pretty, sunny, smells good, and has healing powers?! What more could you seek in a flower?

9. Sunflower. Sunflowers basically just make me wanna jump up and down and squeal with delight. Actually, I just did.
Chess, Goddess and Everything
10. Tulip. Tulips are so pretty! I kind of get where the name comes from... but it looks kind of like ten lips, doesn't it? Tenlips?
Madam Mim's Flickr
What are your top ten favorite flowers? Do you have any bad experiences with any flowers? Does anyone else adore lily of the valleys?

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