Saturday, August 21, 2010

Poppies are Awesome, So They Made It On this Blog

I have, as of five minutes ago, added a template! As you can see, it is poppies! Here is a bit of a backstory concerning why in the world I made the template poppies, of all things.

Well, my entire life, I have absolutely loved poppies. They're just so ... happy! They're also pretty, and their seeds taste really good. I once had poppies in a garden, and the seeds were just so delicious! For these reasons poppies are on my Top 10 Favorite Flowers list, which I will probably post eventually. (Or today.) Poppies are, from my perspective, totally awesome. Come to think of it, they are actually quite random, aren't they? I didn't give you any backstory about poppies prior to this post, so that qualifies them as random. Oh well, I still love 'em. Also, I think that the curved edges of the template contrast beautifully with the sharp edges of the title font, Impact, as an added bonus. Yay!

This blog's template will change on the last day of each month (and today). As in, it'll change on August 31st, September 30th, October 31st (this will be a Halloween template), etc. I'll also change it on holidays (such as Valentine's Day). I will change it on the religious holidays I celebrate, such as Christmas and Easter. Please don't argue about this.

Enjoy the poppies!

How do you feel about poppies? Any good/bad experiences or backstories? Do you like the template?

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