Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Rant About This Shirt

Goodie Two Sleeves Women's Prolly My Awesomest Tee, $22 (wooooow.),, available here. (I think.)

I am going to rant about this shirt. There are ten billion things on it that upset me.

First let me tell you how I feel about it.
  • If this is your awesomest shirt then you need to get awesomer shirts.
  • If this is your awesomest shirt then you should buy some awesomer shirts.
  • If your shirt says that the shirt is your awesomest shirt, people will know that it's not actually your awesomest shirt.
  • If this is your awesomest shirt then you should not be embarrassing yourself by telling people that it is your awesomest shirt because there are far awesomer shirts in the world.

Why did they capitalize awesomest?! Awesomest should never ever ever be capitalized unless it is the name of a living thing or a town/place/location or at the beginning of a sentance. Grammar, people!

Same goes for shirt. Do. Not. Capitalize.

The color is so washed out!

Is it too much to ask to make sure that your awesomest shirt is not wrinkly? Wrinkles make it look even MORE unawesome than it actually is! Jeez!


On second thought, this is probably the awesomest shirt I've ever laid eyes on.

How do you feel about this shirt? Let's debate!

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