Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stuff You Can Buy Me

Elements Necklace, $60 (which is a lot, even if it is sterling silver and a semi-precious gemstone),, available here.
All the cool kids have an Element Necklace! Well, actually, I guess that means I'm not a cool kid. And neither is everybody else I've seen. Awkwaaaaard... But I still love these. They're! Ha ha. According to Uncommon Goods, I'm a water. Here's what they say for us waters: we're intuitive, emotional, empathetic, and soothed by being around water. Actually, for me that's way off. I'm not the least bit intuitive, I've cried in a movie once in my life, and how are they supposed to know I'm empathetic?! Water's okay, I guess, but not my favorite. The one that suits my personality best is fire (strong, creative, self-assured, likes the air before and after a storm). I'd say I'm pretty strong emotionally, I am most definitely creative (or so my friends say...), I'm probably one of the most self-assured people I know, and I love the air before and after a storm. Also, fire is hot and feisty! ;-)
Do you like the Elements Necklaces? Which element are you? Does your element match your personality? Which element matches your personality best? Which Element Necklace do you like most, regardless of your personality?

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monica: RESPOND
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monica: wh@ever, nvm.
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