Saturday, September 4, 2010

No Way. I WON'T Admit It. I'm NOT Desperate!

Can somebody please please please please please please please please please please please please PLEASE comment? I only have two comments so far (thanks, Hannah!), one of which was written by me, and we've been goin' for two weeks! I get that that's not nearly long enough to have the comments pourin' in like some of my favorite blogs; they've all been goin' for years! But I don't wanna wait years! (In case you haven't gathered it yet, I am not the slightest bit patient.) Don't take this the wrong way - I'm totally not forcing you to comment! If your computer doesn't have a keyboard, or if you have arthritis, or if you can't type, or if you just don't want to, well, don't! Please don't put yourself in any discomfort. I'm sorry if I made this awkward or uncomfortable. If you don't want to comment, don't. It's totally fine with me. But if you have any questions, feedback, concerns, suggestions, opinions, ideas, erm, comments, or anything, do tell! We all want to hear from you, because your - yes, your - ideas are worth listening to.
So, please?

Oh. My. God. I have more viewers than I expected! As of right now, as I'm writing this, in all time, there have been 146 views of this blog. Well, 104 of those were by me, and that leaves a measly 42 views, but STILL! Also, 26 of those views are from the USA; I have many friends there who read my blog, and that's probably them, but I THINK one view was from Mountain View, California, yesterday. Nobody I know lives in California. Then, there are 16 views from Canada: I know nobody from Canada! That's so awesome! You Canadians and Californians just about made my day. Thank you so much! I'm absolutely touched. I didn't ever think that I'd have viewers this soon! I jumped around and screamed for about fifteen minutes, that's how happy I was. I was absolutely freaking out! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm eternally grateful! :) And if it isn't too much trouble, you wouldn't mind telling, um, everyone you know about this blog, would ya?

I'M ON GOOGLE!!!!! OH MY GOD I'M ON GOOGLE!!!!! AAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Whew. Okay. Deep breaths. In, out, in, out. Ahhhhh. Okay. Better. Sorry 'bout that. But, seriously, I'm actually on Google! Eeeeeeeeeep! Don't believe me, is it? Well, then, fine. Here's proof. Lookie! See? I AM on Google.

Okay, so maybe I'm a little desperate.
What about you? Are you ever blog-related-desperate? Do you live in Canada or Mountain View, California and have read my blog within the past three days? If so, I'm eternally grateful. Thank you!!!!!

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monica: RESPOND
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monica: ugh! where r u?
monica: wh@ever, nvm.
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