Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Ode

(Note: This post is referring to a shirt with a similar style to the one on the right. I couldn't find an exact style match, and the shirt I'M talking about is salmon-coral-y, and there's no belt thingy, and it doesn't come with an irritated model wearing aviators, but it's pretty similar. The cut, though, at the top, doesn't have that empire-halter thing - it's ruffles and two straps. And the ruffles are only at the top of the of the shirt, but that's the kind of ruffle. Okay, let's begin.)

(Written on September 15, 2010 by Monica)
I was impulse-shopping for skirts,
In Marks and Spencer a few weeks ago,
At the summer section,
(Where I shouldn't have been),
I laid eyes on my reason to live.
You were a salmon tank top
With lovely spaghetti straps,
Your hue catching my eye.
You were ruffly on top,
Not at all on the bottom,
And you were at the point of chiffon.
Your orangey-pinkiness caught my eye,
And then I began to live.
Fabulous, chic, gorgeous, inspiring,
Perfect in every way.
Both elegant and casual,
Fantastic with my dark jean shorts.
Oh, M&S designed garment,
I praise you, adore you, love you.
You're flowy, you're form-fitting, you're fashionable.
You're pretty, you're gorgeous, you're beautiful.
You're heavenly, summery, lovely,
Flawless in every way.
I love you, I love you, I love you,
Simply because you're ideal,
Ideal, ideal, ideal,
Ideal in every way.
I ended up not buying the top.
Biggest mistake of my life.
Unrelated PS:
I DID post, see? I DIDN'T break my promise! Yay!
Unrelated PPS:
Check out the new 'Total Pageviews' widget in the right sidebar! Cool, huh?
What's your biggest shopping regret?
Photo from Stylehive.

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