Monday, September 27, 2010

A Sheepy Post

I decided yesterday, lying awake in bed, on the spot, right there right then, that there need to be more sheep in my life.
My life is sheep-deprived.
My life doesn't have enough sheep.
There aren't enough sheep in my life.
I don't see sheep often enough.
My life needs to contain more sheep.
There need to be more sheep in my life.
Really, the only sheep in my life was this one. I got it years and years and years ago, as a Christmas present, I believe, when I was young. (It's name was Lammie. Like, lamb. Ie. Without the B. And with another M.) I loved that thing as if it were my own child.
Then it got too dirty and I had to throw it out.
Well, since I decided that I drastically need to encounter a sheep within the month or I'll explode into a microscopic speck, I've decided to take a hike up the mountains/hills behind where I live.
Why, you ask?
There are farms up there with nice farmers who let you touch their sheep!
I'll be going there this weekend, and I'll post about it (with pictures!) for sure.
To close the post, I'll think of multiple ways to describe sheep (or, "other names for sheep," if you will).
-Ball of fluff
-Cloud on legs
-Picture of innocence
-Mature lamb
-Fluff with legs
-Walking puff
Man, I can so picture a sheep just hovering away twelve inches above the ground!

Ha ha, I made this on Paint.
See, it's hovering.
Twelve inches above the ground.
I'd love to hear your sheep-related stories! Have you ever seen a sheep hovering twelve inches above the ground (other than the above image, which I hope you like...?)?

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