Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's our monthiversary!
Well, it's that time of month again, when I shed a few virtual tears on how much I love this blog.
I love this blog so much!
I started Awesomeology with a dream: a dream to have regular, faithful viewers. That dream was fulfilled much quicker than expected. I have seven followers, six comments, three hundred forty all-time views and four Google searches. And counting. Now, that, right there, is my fulfilled dream. Staring you right in the face. You're reading it right now. This blog, these words, are my dream. I can't thank you enough for reading this. If there's anything I can do for you, anything at all, please let me know in the comments.
Okay, now that we're done with the boh-ring, let's move on to the FUN part for this month!
Here's a blog quiz, which is the fun part of this post of this month:
1. What is there too little of on Awesomeology?
2. What would you like to see next on Awesomeology?
3. What topics should I cover on Awesomeology?
4. What widgets would you like to see in the sidebars?
5. What's your opinion on Awesomeology?
That's it, five fun, simple questions! Thanks!
Who did their Jelly Belly homework? Name all fifty without looking, stat!

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monica: omg hi
monica: what 2k u so long?
monica: we were suposd 2 meet up like an hr ago
monica: r u even here?
monica: RESPOND
monica: puhLEASE
monica: ugh! where r u?
monica: wh@ever, nvm.
monica: leave a comment tling me where u went.
Monica has left the chatroom.

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