Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Why I Want A World of Warcraft Account

  1. Customization. I've always absolutely loooooved personalizing things and making them my own, and WoW offers a HUGE amount of possibilities with that. (You guys should probably know that I actually change the blog settings, like, once a week.)
  2. The game itself. I've seen a lot of people play it, and it just looks like the funnest game ever! It's one of the most complex and genius and thought-through games I've ever encountered!
  3. Coolness. All the cool kids have it.
  4. Boredom. I have a tendency to get bored when there's tons of things to do...this might be a cure.
  5. Fun! If you've ever seen anybody play this, you'll know it's mega fun.
Unfortunately, y'all shouldn't want me to get it...I'd be blogging quite a bit less.
Anybody out there got a WoW account? If you've played it, what's your opinion of the game?
Photo from Examiner, cropped by me.

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