Friday, October 29, 2010

Board Games I Like and Dislike In No Particular Order

(The following is all the board games I've ever played.)
  1. Chess I love the ingenuity of it, and the adorable little pieces. I used to hate it, but now I really, really adore it. Kills time, too, and great for travel.
  2. Clue/Cluedo I love the idea of it. If I were trying to create a board game about solving a murder I would never think of starting rumors and stuff! And since I like it so much, I don't even mind that it takes so long (45 min-1 hr, usually) to finish it! I do wish that they hadn't changed the names in the edition I have, though, and the character pieces - Colonel Mustard and his tiny little dressed-in-yellow character piece became the transparent rectangular yellow-based Jack Mustard. Shudder.
  3. Trouble/Don't Be Angry/Ludo I love the fun of knocking someone back to their start space right when they're about to move to their safe end space! The game looks simple but it's actually not that easy.
  4. Scrabble/Upwords and Boggle I love words, and making words, and I've always been very good at words. I am generally a very good speller (your homework is to memorize the spelling of all these words). I know generally a lot of words (okay, that's debatable). Therefore I generally win Scrabble and Upwords. Please please please don't misinterpret that - I do not always win. But I like the game, too. It's fun.
  5. Mancala I love just playing this game. It just is so simply fun.
  6. The oldest games are the best, don't you think? :) I lost my set, though, and the online ones are sucky to say the least.
  7. Guess Who I love the concept of this game, and although it may be a bit childish very childish, I love it anyway.
  8. Monopoly I love being banker. :) I also love playing it. It's really, REALLY long, but worth it. Oh, and you know how they modified it for the bank to be electronic or whatever? I read an article on Yahoo a few months ago (I couldn't find it again, sorry!) that said that this was not very popular, because the most common way to get money was to steal some from your opponent when they went to the bathroom or something - it's not possible anymore with the fancy newfangled electronic bank, gosh darn it! Not that I ever cheated or anything but still.
  9. Cards I love War, and Solitaire, and Snap, and a bunch of other ones. Wait, are cards actually a board game?
  10. Sorry! I love love LOVE Sorry!. It's definitely one of my favorites. Great concept, great strategy, and most of all, GREAT FUN! :)
  11. Life I love Life, and though I've only played it for five minutes in my entire life, it seemed cool. Ha ha.
  12. Trivial Pursuit I love the idea, and I'm surprised no one thought of it sooner! I've never won, but I've always enjoyed myself.
  13. Bingo I love the simple idea. Please don't judge me, I know it's a young child and old lady game, but I do like it. And I like spinning the box thing to make the numbers come out. Gah so embarrassing!!
  14. Connect Four I love this game so much. It's honestly just great. Geniously simple (is geniously really not a word, Blogger?! Geniously isn't a word, and Blogger is?! What?!), incredibly fun, madly addicting! What's not to like?
  15. Battleship I love that this game exists. It's one of the best games out there. Simply amazing. I love it!
  16. Blokus I love the simple ingenuity. I used to own it, but I lost it. What is with me and losing board games?! It's getting annoying.
  17. Yahtzee I love it even though I've only played it once. I'm generally not one for luck games, but Yahtzee? Yahtzee's okay.
  1. Checkers/Draughts It's not that I dislike it, it's just a bit TOO simple. If you say, "Hey, let's play checkers!" to me, I will agree. I will generally enjoy the game. But it's just not my favorite, you know?
  2. Tic-Tac-Toe/Tick-Tack-Toe/Noughts and Crosses I'm sorry, it's just too simple. I liked it better when I was four. The complicated versions are okay, though.
  3. Candyland I've hated it from the beginning.
  4. Chutes and Ladders/Snakes and Ladders It's just not that fun for me. I used to love it as a kid, but not anymore.
  5. Jenga Boooooh-ring!
Which board games do you like and dislike?
Unrelated PS
Yesterday I got some views in Croatia - thanks an octillion, guys! Oh, and octillion isn't a word. Wooooow.
Picture from Paradise Lounge.

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