Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Can Explain, I Can Explain!

Before you strangle me, let me explain.
Okay, so I was working on this post, la di da, when my Internet got cancelled or something. So I had to wait til Friday to get it back, and here we are today!
No worries, you still get pictures, and here we begin!
Huh-uge mountains up there! The power lines always ruin my pictures, so get used to seeing them. Here we see donkeys and horses. Awwwww!
This was a wittle donkey. He was vewwy cute and he liked me vewwy much; he let me pet his fowehead and feed him gwass fwom the gwound. He was vewwy fwuffy and I didn't want to leave...
...So I stayed a bit longer. Look at those gorgeous eyes!
See that black-ish donkey on the far right? She was pregnant and her stomach was huge!
I saw a goat moving up near those rocks! :)
We passed by some angry bulls, too.
It was foggy that day, but you still get the gist of how big these hilltains were.
'Nuff said.
The angry bull wanted a close-up, and I wasn't about to refuse an angry bull.
I got the feeling I wasn't supposed to park here...
At last, the sheeeeep!
More sheeeeep!
Even more sheeeeep!
Close-up! :) They were all marked.
Double close-up!
The one on the right kind of looks like he's farting, doesn't he?
So. Stinkin'. Fluffy.
This one was hungry. :)
Sheep, sheep, sheep all around, sheep, sheep, sheep sitting down, also! [in the background]
We saw ponies next!
And all the time we were on a dusty road!
Seeeee? (Jk, this was under a bridge we were walking on)
Check out that graffiti!
Other side of the bridge. Anyone hearing Life Is a Highway in their head right now?
So, yeah, it was awesome! :D
Oh, and I took a few videos of sheep grazing, and they'll be up here IF I can find them on the computer. If. No promises.
So, for now you get a sheep ACROSTIC! :D [made on Paint again]
Hope you enjoyed NSW, even though I was absent for most of it!
I will be taking down the grass template and deleting the grass template message now, and get ready for a swanky new theme! :)

Unrelated PS
A warm welcome to all our new blogs to the blogroll sitting over at the bottom of the left sidebar - check out Off the Hoof (something I just stumbled upon), 24 Free Dinners (by the author of Daddy Likey :D), Cheezburger (not really a blog, but still), Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces (like Inspiration for Decoration, but outside!), A Thousand Words (I love that leafy title picture!), Better Off Wed (by the author of Kendi Everyday (or, rather, the other way around)), Debbie Hill (by the author of Pigeons Aren't Perfect, which is kinda vice-versa as well), The Naked Redhead (is that an awesome title picture or what?!) and Faery Lands Forlorn (written from Poland, where I wasn't born, but am from! Yay!)
Wow, that was a long unrelated PS.
Okay, are those sheep cute or WHAT?!

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