Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Not as Random as You Think I Lemon

Swanky new look
Okay, so who's lovin' the new template?!
*chorus of "me!"s and "I do!"s and "I love it!"s and "It's so awesome!"s*
Well, I certainly love it!

Awesome new-to-me store
So, I just discovered a new-to-me store: Accessorize. It's BEYOND awesome, however, I like it mostly cuz of the jewelry. It's a tad expensive, though, but cheaper on the site! Yay! They have a very large selection of accessories, all of which are available on the site. I was browsing on dachshund accessories, actually, and came across much more than I expected! I'd love to have any, if not all, of these, so go ahead and buy me some! ;)
Felt Daisy Dachshund Dog Decoration I couldn't find the actual picture on Google, so no picture for this one. If I had this, it would be the centerpiece of my Christmas tree. So cute!
Mini Sausages Dog Pendant Necklace I actually saw this in the store itself yesterday as I was leaving (no purchases, sorry!) and I completely fell in love. I can not possibly tell you how much I'd love to own this. Gah!
Novelty Sausage Dog Pendant Necklace Couldn't find this on Google, either. Gah! But seriously, how cute is that?
And think of it this way.
If I had this shirt, a pair of jeans, these shoes, these earrings, these earrings (I'm double pierced), these bobby pins, these socks, this jacket and one/both of these necklaces, I could have a whole dachshund outfit! :D

Bought a game
I bought Clue and played it yesterday (one game) for two hours.
They were one of the best two hours of my life.
I love it!
It's so fun!
It's now my #2 favorite board game (chess is #1).

Unrelated PS
Welcome to the sidebar, Dachshund Love!
What's your favorite board game? Do you have any dachshund (wiener dog) clothes/accessories? Do you like the new template?

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