Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About this Blog: My Writing Style

Everybody has their own unique writing style. Nobody's is better, because everybody's is different, so it's impossible to compare. You may think someone's is better, but that's an opinion. It won't appeal to everybody. (Is anybody sensing some life lessons just around the bend, here?)
I believe my writing style is sometimes humorous, sometimes witty, sometimes strange, sometimes a combination.
Many, many times have I been reading some of my favorite blogs (see the blogroll over on the left!! ;D) and found myself trying to change something about my writing to make it more like that particular person's. Then I catch myself and say, "Hey, I can be my own person. Hmph." ("Hmph" is supposed to be an arrogant grunt.)
Those people have very, very good writing skills, in my opinion. That's because they've been writing for years. I've only been blogging since January! I'll need some time to develop, and I think that posting is very good practice.
Let's all make a toast to writing!
How would you describe your writing style? If you have a blog, how long have you been blogging? And, goodness gracious, why haven't you told me the link yet?! Spill!

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