Monday, November 8, 2010

Letter to Blogger

          Dear Blogger,
          Hello! It's Monica, from MRAB, Awesomeology and Cutesyworld. I'm writing to you because, really, I've been with you for quite some time, and I believe it's time to formally let you know how I feel about you.
          To start off, I really must say that I am extremely pleased with you. You allow me to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. Your interface is very easy to use, and very user-friendly. You let me view other blogs that are incredibly awesome. You have made the world/Internet a better place.
          Blogging (or, technically, weblogging) has been popular for many, many years now. It consists of "posting." The content of a post is usually a picture or text. With merely one log-on to the Blogger website (or your blog's direct URL) and the click of a "new post" button, you, Blogger, allow me to type and upload. In this case, I would agree with the popular saying, "Simple is beautiful."
          Upon signing in, I have six tabs in what I like to call the Blogger Behind-the-Scenes (BBTS): Posting, Comments, Settings, Design, Monetize and Stats. Posting I can write new or edit old posts and pages, Comments I can monitor, spam and publish comments, Settings, well that's self-explanatory, Design, I change the HTML and the appearance (or, design!) of the blog, Monetize is ad set-up and Stats is self-explanatory, too! Could it be simpler?
          Alas, I'm not the only one in the world with a blog - other people post, too, and I can view theirs just as they can view mine.
          All the same, Blogger, there are a few things that really irk me. Yes, you're very customizable, but being a perfectionist and an avid lover of customization, it's not enough for me! At the same time, you very much need to update your spellchecker (seriously, how is "blog's" not a word?!). And you have a lot of bugs.
          About customization. Well, first off, I'd like to be able to use any font I have installed on my computer for both the title of the post, the title of the blog and the post body. I know it's possible, Blogger, but that involves a lot of HTMLing and I'm just not good at that. You need to include more images for the backgrounds, and more layouts, also. Your widgets are extremely limited - I can't get a decent countdown that doesn't have ads!
          Blogger, don't even get me started on your spellchecker. I don't remember now, but so many times you have infuriated me with your not-so-vast knowledge of modern words that it's impossible to count anymore! This is very rude of me to say, Blogger, but I kind of wish that Urban Dictionary would be my spellchecker instead of you.
          Sometimes I'm unable to upload pictures. Sometimes I have 404 issues. Sometimes I'm unable to access my Stats. Once, I wasn't even able to POST. The point is, Blogger, you're very buggy.
          All the same, I love you anyway, and it has been great talking to you - we should meet up sometime! How about lunch, twelve o'clock, my place, Saturday? Great! See ya soon!
          May HTML, laptops and fast typers greet you every day,
Check me out at Awesomeology and Cutesyworld, please, Blogger, if you haven't already, that'd be great, thanks Blogger, kay byyyyye! :)

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monica: we were suposd 2 meet up like an hr ago
monica: r u even here?
monica: RESPOND
monica: puhLEASE
monica: ugh! where r u?
monica: wh@ever, nvm.
monica: leave a comment tling me where u went.
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