Sunday, November 21, 2010

Links I Like: Taylor Swift Edition!

Day Three of NTSW! Let's do a TS-related LIL! (I don't know, is that too many abbreviations?)

ATTENTION VIEWERS OF NBC AND LOVERS OF TAYLOR SWIFT: NBC is going to broadcast a special about Taylor and her new album, Speak Now! It will be on Friday, November 26th, 8:00 pm EST. *Note: Nov 26 is Thanksgiving, don't forget!

I have just added Taylor Swift dot com to my blogroll. Check out the music section, Taylor's life, Taylor's incredibly awesome journal (seriously, though, if you're going to click on one link in this whole post then click on her journal because good god is that awesome.), the news area, Taylor's tour info (she's coming to Dublin in March. Why am I not happy? The girl's sold out, that's why I'm not happy.), all her awesome stuff for sale, the gallery (aka the pics, vids, 13hr meet & greet and the T-party), the forums, The Taylor Nation (make your own sites!), Taylor TV (more vids) and Taylor Mix-Me-In (remix her songs!!). Wow that's a lot of stuff!

Taylor on Facebook, Taylor on Twitter, Taylor on MySpace, Taylor on YouTube.

Taylor has a Wiki. Why does everyone have a Wiki except for me?!

I truly, genuinely think that Taylor Swift is very pretty. Evidence.

Love ya Taylor.

Which Taylor link is the best?

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