Monday, November 15, 2010

Quirks #1

I really, really like taking pictures, but they almost never turn out good and professional-looking, because my Kodak digital camera is really sucky and I almost never use it anyway, so I end up using a phone, and cell phone cameras are almost always sucky anyway.

My favorite animal is a jardine African parrot. (you can Google it). The other class's fourth grade teacher had one as a pet ("Kiwi") and I've been in love all these years. Also, I absolutely love guinea pigs. I only ever knew one (her name was Victoria!), but she died a few months ago. I really, really miss her. I like koalas, too, and turtles, and sheep, and cows and llamas and alpacas and ferrets and ducks and Canadian geese and chickens lots of other random animals. But jardines top the list.

I'm not serious about fashion yet, but I totally love it. I always have and always will. I also like interior design. And photography. And art. And technical drawing. And writing. And other shtuff like dat.

I am a total sweets junkie. I love love love ice cream (cookie-dough and B&J's), and chocolate (white), and cookies (sugar and snickerdoodles and chocolate chunk and oatmeal chocolate chip), and, like, everything else.

I love reading. If a book is boring I'll keep reading it, til I decide that nothing's gonna happen soon enough. Reading is my favorite thing to do, and, yes, I am a total book nerd.

Combining words is a passion of mine. Wordining, anyone?

Pink is my favorite color and has been for most of my life. It used to be red, though, and some other colors I probably forgot. But now it's pink. Yay pink!

I recently downloaded Font Creator. I have always dreamt of making my own fonts. I really, really am having trouble with it, though. There's some issue with the - part of the A. Help me?

Blogging is my second favorite activity. You can probably tell because I have three.

Life would not be life without music.

What are your quirks? Can you help me with my A problem?

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monica: RESPOND
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monica: wh@ever, nvm.
monica: leave a comment tling me where u went.
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