Saturday, December 4, 2010

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I'd just like to say that if you like Awesomeology and check it regularly, it might be a good idea to follow it. This enables you to know whenever I post new content all from one place (your Blogger Dashboard). Or you could add Awesomeology to your Google Reader, if that's more comfortable, or even your iGoogle! If you read a post and agreed with me, disagreed with me, thought it was funny, thought it was strange, thought it was informative, or anything at all, you should rate it, or cast your reaction, or comment about it. I love hearing input from my readers, and it helps me find out what my viewers would like to see more of or less of.
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monica: omg hi
monica: what 2k u so long?
monica: we were suposd 2 meet up like an hr ago
monica: r u even here?
monica: RESPOND
monica: puhLEASE
monica: ugh! where r u?
monica: wh@ever, nvm.
monica: leave a comment tling me where u went.
Monica has left the chatroom.

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