Friday, December 31, 2010

Worthwhile Life Week: Day 4 - Resolutionify Your Life

It's New Year's Eve, baby.
It's a time to make some resolutions.
Here's some ideas.
  1. Be healthier. This could mean anything for you: drink more water, eat less fast food, lose weight, take a walk everyday...the list goes on.
  2. Be happier. Again, the specifics vary: meet up with your friends more, visit your parents more often, indulge in massages and the like every once in a while, invest in a high-quality dot dot...
  3. Be more efficient. Organize your room better, get a better anti-virus software for your laptop, wake up just five minutes earlier so you'll be out the door faster, plan your outfit for tomorrow the day before, and so on.
  4. Eliminate bad habits. Quit bitin' those nails, stop smoking, reduce coffee intake, allow yourself one stick of gum per me, you'll feel a lot better about yourself after ending at least one of your bad habits.
  5. Be more green. Walk or take the bus. Once a month, have a completely reusable lunch (meaning, like, no bags). Turn off your lights and open the curtains. Use extension cords. We can all be more green if we just try.
Well, that should get you started...
And I'd love to hear your resolutions!
Oh, and make sure to wear sparkles today, okay? It's NYE. You HAVE to. Happy NYE everyone!!! :D
Picture from Lemon Lemonade.

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