Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Invisible Artist

Today I'd like to share with you the incredible work of Chinese artist Liu Bolin. Here's a bit of a background in phrase-form.
"Chinese artist Liu Bolin (1973-present) is known as the "Invisible  Artist." His work is truly original, not to mention amazing! Liu takes pictures of himself completely "hiding" in a scene in the city, meaning that he paints himself in colors that make it look as if he is blending into the background. He calls his series of pictures "Hiding in the City." It can take up to ten hours to completely camouflage...sometimes pedestrians don't even know he is there until he moves. His art depicts "not fitting into modern society." He is a phenomenal artist."

Let's see some pictures now!

Which picture was your favorite? Which one were you struggling to find him? What do you think?
Bad luck Tuesdays: I wanted to wear my favorite pair of jeans today, but look at that, they were in the wash, and I had to wear my SECOND favorite pair of jeans. Ugh.

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