Friday, January 21, 2011

Links I Like: Awesome *Ahem, Late, Ahem* Edition

Okay, WHY has there not been a LIL since November?!?!?! Let’s get to it! PS-these are all from blogs I read.
I'm totally inspired by these prints, too!
I would never believe that this building is an educational center. So pretty.
Is this not the awesomest, most adorable tissue holder EVER?! Too bad you can't buy it anymore on Etsy... I think I might cry.
Cupcake cookies...what a genious idea!
I always would have liked to go on a cupcake-tasting adventure. After reading this post it became my life goal. Seriously, are those not the most beautiful cupcakes that have ever existed?! They put other cupcakes to shame.
I wish I could have so many clothes!
If I won the lottery and got 1.65 million dollars this is totally the first thing I would buy.
If you have Mario Kart Wii then you should check out this unlockables page. Cool huh?! Oh and while we're on the subject of Mario Kart Wii check out these awesome cheats.
I wonder who buys this stuff
Oh and check out all this awesome GIF goodness from theBERRY...made me laugh for so long...
Well, that should keep you amused for a while. Oh and it's Friday. Don't do anything productive today kay? Cuz, like, Fridays are not made for productiveness. You should know that. Silly.
Do you like the prints, educational center and tissue paper dispenser? Would you buy the $1.65 million thing? Are the MKW cheats of use to you? Did you do anything productive today?

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