Monday, January 24, 2011

The Next Holiweek Begins!

Today I introduce to you a new holiweek: National Monkey Week!!! National Monkey Week is from today, Monday, January 24, to Sunday, January 30.)
Ways you can celebrate…
  • Buy cheap monkey-related objects such as accessories, decorations or a mug
  • Make monkey-themed food (like cupcakes with a frosting monkey on them or something)
  • Surround yourself with monkey pictures: your computer screensaver, a new poster, a monkey collage for your wall, etc.
  • Make monkey crafts! Sock monkeys are always fun and I’m sure you can think of a couple of good ones on your own.
And whatever else you like. Please tell everyone you know about NMW and let’s hope I don’t have an Internet problem during THIS holiweek!
And let’s start with NMW! Today we’ll be exploring poetry. (Say the poetry alone were a post, sans all that introduction junk above…the post would be called Monkeys Love Poetry!.)

First off its haiku.

Swinging vine to vine,
Snacking on some bananas,
Monkeys are divine.
By Monica

Next is an acrostic…

/M\ usically “ooh, ooh, aah, aah”-ing,
/O\ h my goodness, his face is handsome!
/N\ o other creature is as cute -
/K\ oalas? Kangaroos? They don’t stand a chance against the
/E\ nergetic, enigmatic, excellent animal that is a monkey…
/Y\ es, I assure you it’s true.
By Monica

And finally, we have a freestyle.

Monkeys. They are energetic, physical and enthusiastic…have you ever seen the grace of one leaping from a vine to a tree? The happiness radiating off his face! It is contagious, like a virus…except a monkey is infinitely better. As he charmingly lands on his destination, the tree, he rests upon a sturdy bough. The creature has deserved a break, after his courageous airborne adventure! He sits and breathes for a few seconds, then, quick as a flash, picks a cheeringly yellow banana from the tree…alas, the intelligence of the creature! He has swung to a banana tree, for his food! He has deserved the treat! As he peels the banana gently and skillfully from his years of practice, he lets out a lovable, awkward grin. The monkey bites into the sunshiny deliciousness of the fruit. Another silly smile breaks out across his handsome face from the taste of the banana. He smacks his lips and tosses the peel upon the ground, having finished his indulgence. He swings Tarzan-like on the vine and hops back onto the ground. He wobbles for two minutes back to his family. They greet him. The monkey is now very satisfied. He has had a superb day.
By Monica

Do you like monkeys? Will you be participating? What sorts of things will you be doing? Oh, and let’s hear your genius monkey poetry!

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