Friday, January 28, 2011

NMW: MY Monkeys

I have four stuffed animal monkeys. Yes that’s right, FOUR. And without further ado…
  • George. (Johrdj) George is a full-sized chimpanzee. He is absolutely AH-DORABLE. I’ve had him for not even a year (but close), but I love him dearly. His fur is a little bit…shall we say…ruffled, but he’s cute all the same. So cute in fact that I did a picture of him a few months ago! Buuuuut it's not on my new laptop yet so you'll have to wait. Picture from Toypost.
  • Jerry. (Jeh-reeh) This monkey, a full-sized gorilla, is very handsome, very handsome indeed. I’ve had him for about six months, and he has quickly stolen my heart. Oh, and one thing about him? His ears are extremely tiny!!! I can not express to you how awesome it looks. Picture from Gift Zone.
  • Geoffrey. (Jehff-reeh) Oh em gee, can you believe I scored a mini George for Christmas?! Eeeeeeeeeep!!! :D Anyway, this lil fella is BEYOND cute, and I can hold him in the palm of my hand. Aw. How sweet. (Oh and are you noticing a certain pattern with the names? ;)) Picture from Great Toys 4 U.

  • Jimmy. (Jih-meeh) Ah, Jimmy, you have stolen my heart like the other three…and who’s wouldn’t you have, with a face like that? While Jimmy’s facial features are a bit more straight, angular and chiseled, he bears a startling resemblance to Jerry. Picture from Shop Online 2011.

Which monkey is the best? Do you have any monkeys?
We’ve got the whole weekend ahead of us for mindless TV-staring and frozen pizza-eating! Can I get a woohah?! ;)

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