Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Review about Yogurt.

And not just any yogurt.
Nooooo, NOOOOO, definitely not just ANY yogurt.
Cheesecake yogurt, friends. CHEESECAKE YOGURT.
Just minutes ago I have tasted the wonder of M├╝ller New York Style Cheesecake yogurt.
It is basically yogurt that tastes like cheesecake and there are small globs of actual cheesecake hiding within the depths of the cup.
The yogurt itself actually tastes EXACTLY like NYSC. I was actually APPALLED by how spot-on it was. It’s like tomato juice…tastes exactly like tomatoes, but in liquid form! (Is yogurt liquid?) Being a NYSC fanatic I was pleasantly surprised by the identicalness that the yogurt and the cake shared.
The globs of cheesecake were a real surprise!
They are small, 3/4cm x 3/4cm cubes. They are soft and pleasant on the tongue. They are very common within the cup, another pleasant surprise.
The overall verdict? Probably one of the best yogurts I’ve ever had by a company I love.
So just go out and by yourself some M├╝ller Light New York Style Cheesecake yogurt today, and thank me later.
Oh, and trust me.
You will thank me.

Do you like cheesecake? What’s your favorite yogurt?

Bad luck Tuesday: I was fixing my {yellow} hair tie and it was too loose to leave, so I tried to do another loop around the p'tail. And guess what the cheap thing did? IT SNAPPED IN MY HANDS! I had to tie it together so it could be a circle, but that left ugly "ends" on it. Good thing I was wearing a large flower on top of it otherwise people would be askin'!
Picture from Talking Retail.

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