Monday, January 10, 2011

Simple Things that are Good to Know How to Do: Change the Color of Your Word

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With this tutorial I will show you how to change the color of your Microsoft Office Word. But before I begin I need to disclaim, so brace yourself.
I am not responsible for any accidents that occur whilst or as a result of following the directions given.
I am not responsible for anything that happens to your computer, laptop etc.
The pictures this post contains are all with my customized Word and computer settings. Yours will not look EXACTLY like mine but they WILL look pretty similar.
This tutorial is meant purely as a way of entertainment, personalization and customization. Nothing else. Don’t take it too seriously.
A note about your computer type
I don’t have a Mac, I have never used a Mac, I have never touched a Mac, and I only think I’ve seen a Mac in an electronics store. Therefore I have no idea whatsoever what Microsoft Office Word 2007 is or looks like on a Mac. I think the directions should be pretty similar, if not identical, but I just don’t know. But I’m sure you’ll figure it out, Maccers.
The things required to complete this tutorial
  • A computer, laptop, etc. that you have permission to use and change the settings of
  • Working Microsoft Office Word 2007 software that you have permission to change the settings of
  • Muscles in your arms, hands and fingers in order to work a mouse, touchpad etc.
  • A brain (if you don’t have a brain then I’m very impressed you’re reading this…kudos to you, friend!)
Let’s get on with the tutorial directions!
1. Turn on your computer/laptop/etc. and wait for all your icons and stuff to load.
2. Open Microsoft Office Word 2007.
3. If you haven’t changed the color of your Microsoft Office Word 2007 already, then it should look like this:
4. Okay, so this is the first real step: do you see, in the upper left corner, where there is a little circular button?
It'll look like this life-size..
Click on that button and you will get a dropdown menu that I unfortunately could not manage to get a picture of.
5. Now is the part where you need to pay attention. Look at the bottom right of your dropdown menu. There should be two rectangles that say Word Options and Exit Word. Click on the rectangle that says Word Options.
6. Did a menu pop up? Good, it should’ve. If it looks like this then you are in very good shape.
7. Now, do you see where it says Color scheme? I'm sorry if you don't, I made a picture but Blogger wouldn't let me upload it so I guess you're stuck there. Are you sure you don't see it? It looks like this lifesize.
Yay you found it! Well, now, click on that little down-pointing arrow that looks like this.
You will get yet another dropdown menu. I could not manage to get a picture of it, though, but it says
Blue is highlighted because that is your current setting. Therefore your Word looks like this.
If you click on Silver your Word will look like this.
If you click on Black your Word will look like this.
Click on the one you like best.
8. To finish, click on the button in the bottom right corner of the Word Options that says OK. It looks like this lifesize.
9. Word Options will close and your new Word will reveal itself! My preferred color is black, but they all look cool. The last step is to enjoy.
There, now wasn’t that idiotically simple?
What color is your Word?

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