Saturday, February 12, 2011

Links I Like: Jam-Packed!

Well well well. Aren't you a lucky duck today. You're reading a post that has so many awesome links. I swear, I wish I could be you right now. Because it's no fun to create these kinds of posts. I kind of hate doing it and that's why it's so irregular. It's just that, you know, EVERYBODY does link posts. I'd feel excluded. And embarrassed. And nauseous. Actually nevermind. Probably not nauseous. I generally don't get nauseous. Actually I can't remember the last time I did. Well okay let's just begin the links.
The Berry has a collection of awesome and funny couches. I can't tell you how much I'd want one of these in my living room.
Do you looooove girl scout cookies but hate payin'? I'm going to assume you are. Because 99.9999999999999999999999999999999...% of everybody loooooves SOME kind of girl scout cookies. (But if you don't it's okay, I applaud your ability to express your unique tastes.) And EVERYBODY hates paying. Weeeeell let's get to it. DIY girl scout cookies. 'Nuff said.
Check out this cool project called Everybody, Everywear! I only just found out but it seems awesome and I MIGHT just participate next time! :)
A couple'a weeks ago in this post I featured the single most awesome picture of a Scottish highland cow in existence. Upon browsing the Flickr it came from, Fotos by Dee, I discovered one of my fave Flickrs of all time. Check it out!
These Fred Flare Wacky Bandages are so cool that I might just have to buy them all so (a) I'll have an unlimited supply and (b) no one else will.
These pictures from The Oatmeal, a somewhat recent addition to the blogroll, made me laugh very loudly.
Did you vote in the Miu Miu apple nail battle? I like them all!
Okay. Get this. A computer has figured out the single most boring day in the history of the existence of life. Go check it out right now!
Who'd like to see gooooohr-geous pictures of Nutella? Clicky clicky then.
And continuing on with the spread theme, check out all these luxurious peanut butter spreads!
Emily from The Berry has composed one of her recurring (and awesome) posts, Random Stuff I Don't Need But Kinda Want. And in this one, I agree with absolutely ev.ery.thing.
Okay, okay. Brace yourself. It's time for something sad: read this horrible story of a dachshund that has met his "sunset".
Back to happy: this post featuring a glorious picture of lemons made me smile. The glorious quote just makes the picture that much better.
Okay, some glorious laundry rooms: 1, 2, a kitchen (it made my heart. stop. beating.), and a bathroom.
Check out this Print-It-Yourself Booklet for only $9.99 from Joie issue 3, "Lovely"! Looks stunning! (Theme: Valentine's Day! :D)
Aaaaand speaking of V Day, check out these awesome {FREE} ecards by Kate Spade! Totally love!
These snowglobes are just...well...they're like OH MY GOD. Like not just OH MY GOD but they're like OH MY GOD!
Paramount Hotel, Times Square, NYC is the prettiest hotel room I've ever seen.
Aaaaand for our final star, check out what I have dubbed The Most Stunning House I've Ever Seen. Too bad it's €4,250 (?!) euros a month. Le sigh.
Well hoo de dee da. That's at LEAST 27 links there for yeah. I can be sure that you'll be busy for a while, that's for sure. Maaaaan you're lucky. You're making some people pret-ty jealous right now. Oh and I know that some of these linkies are weeks old. But how do you think I gathered such a quantity this time? It took a while. So sue me. I'm probably gonna do it again though. Unless you sue me. Which I don't think you will. Only nice people read my blog. If you're not nice than I suggest you exit your browser before I sue. Oh yeah. How's that for karma.
Oh and get this: I am writing this on Feb 11th. And I am going to post it tomorrow. [Editor's note from Feb 12: aka today, Feb 12. Yeah okay. Glad that's cleared up. Carry on.] You can just call me Tortoise. Because tortoises always win the race. Or was it Turtle? Gosh. would you look at me, forgetting simple stories. How embarrassing. Oh dear.
Well I see that this post has turned into three (what the heck?! THREE?!) rants, so that means I'll have to file it under "rants." Oh dear. (Again.)
Okay so spill: what was the best link?????

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