Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Never-Before-Seen Exclusive Footage of My Trip Up the Hilltains to See the Sheep Way Back When During National Sheep Week!

I just discovered that I never shared my two videos from NSW! So let's start, video 1:
And video 2:

Sorry about that sudden flick in video 2 during the first few seconds, I think I tripped or something. Oh and that muffled roaring howling sound you could hear constantly? That was the wind! Ha ha. Anywho I can't believe I never showed you these, sorry! Oh and aren't the sheep just beautiful! And did you see those houses in the background? Oh how I'd love to live there and see sheep out of my window all day! Woohah!
Have you ever seen sheep? Let's hear sheep stories!
Bad luck Tuesday: I almost lost 20 cents (gasp! the horror lol) on the bus, I dropped my glove on the bus (but a nice lady in a nice outfit gave it to me, yay!) and I almost left my bag on the bus. Wow right?

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