Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Pajama-Obsessed Gecko

Once upon a time, there was a gecko who was obsessed with collecting pajamas, even though they didn’t fit his tiny gecko body.
Even though his collection was quite extensive, he always wanted more, and so much so that eventually his wife left him because he spent almost all their money on pajamas.
The gecko was so depressed that his wife had left him that he decided to give up collecting his pointless pajamas and get a good job and attempt to win her heart once more.
Determined to put things back to the way they were, he put his pajama collection on eBay as an auction.
Soon after, his gecko-sized computer notified him that someone had placed a bid on his pajama collection for $500.
When he checked the computer the next morning, the bid had gone up to $4000. Very happy with this outcome, he called his wife and told her how he had changed and how much he wanted her back.
His wife, however, thought that he was lying and told him that in order for her to come back, he must have $8000 by next Tuesday. (It was Friday on that day.)
Wondering what he could do to double his money in such a short space of time, he made the decision to play the roulette wheel. Placing $4000 on red, he watched as the wheel spun and spun, wondering where the ball would land.
In the few piercing seconds as the ball slowed down upon the wheel, the gecko watched his fate unfold in front of him: it was all or nothing. The ball slowed to a stop. The gecko looked at it and saw that it had landed on black. Oh no! But then the ball gave an almighty lurch and fell upon the red square next to it!
Jumping for joy, he cashed in his winnings and began the walk to his wife’s apartment. But on the way, he passed by a department store. And in the window, was the most beautiful pair of pajamas he had ever seen: jewels and gold thread and other expensive materials. The price tag was $7999.99.
Suddenly the gecko was faced with the most difficult decision he had ever had to make in his gecko life. Should he gain the pajamas and lose his wife or gain his wife and lose the pajamas? The gecko marched in the department store and gazed at the royal pajamas and wondered what he should do.
Feeling torn in two, he wondered if his wife was worth it, seeing as she gave him such a hard ultimatum. He made the decision to buy the pajamas; his wife wasn't worth it!
As he walked up to the register with the fine pajamas in his gecko hands, he suddenly dropped the pajamas and gasped. He had had a brilliant revelation: couldn’t he just convince his wife to purchase the pajamas for him? He decided to do so and walked back to her apartment. He managed to convince her to do this for him. The heavenly pajamas had indeed satiated his pajama cravings and he never purchased another pair again. He lived a happy life with his loving wife. Later he obtained another obsession: diamond encrusted slippers! But that, however, is another story.
Did you like the {disturbing} story?

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