Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do Do Do Do DO DO Do Do DO Do Do Do Do DO DO DOOOOO!

Do do do do DO DO DO DO DO, do do do do DO DO DOOOOO! Hello! Okay so yesterday I talked about a YouTube song and today I'm gonna talk about a YouTube song AGAIN!
Well okay, I don't know if you've seen the Homebase commercial on TV (in Ireland, specifically Dublin but I dunno maybe the whole of Ireland? England? Scotland? Wales? Idk) where they go like do do do do DO DO do do DO do do do do DO DO DOOOOO, do do do do DO DO DO DO DO do do do do DO DO DOOOOO in a whistley manner (well, okay, they whistle the do's). The tune was familiar to me so I did some Googling and I found out that it was Young Folks, a song I had listened to maybe two, three years ago, again from YouTube. I was ecstatic with the memories the song held for me and I like it all over again. It's strange because I NEVER listen to this kind of music (idk, I just don't like it), but this song was just great. Love. Oh and it's not just whistling it's an actual SONG! And there's a cute little video that goes along with it that I just love watching! (I know I know lol) Click here to watch on YouTube. It is called Young Folks like I said and it is by Peter, Bjorn and John.
Wow if you read all that you deserve a cookie. Unless you're allergic to cookies, in which case I would give you a nice, fluffy pillow instead.
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