Saturday, April 23, 2011

Imaginary Random Phrase Based off a Real One

Real random phrase, during a Gmail chat with one of my bffs Hannah:
Hannah: i love animals
me: SAME
CAPS LOCK WAS ON. I mean, caps lock was on. ...oops
I made that random phrase into this imaginary one:
Hannah: i love animals
me: ME TOO WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT?!?!??!?!?!?!??!??!?3Q2Q/1/!/1?
Ah, caps lock, the laughability you spark.

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monica: omg hi
monica: what 2k u so long?
monica: we were suposd 2 meet up like an hr ago
monica: r u even here?
monica: RESPOND
monica: puhLEASE
monica: ugh! where r u?
monica: wh@ever, nvm.
monica: leave a comment tling me where u went.
Monica has left the chatroom.

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