Monday, April 11, 2011

What I Think about Change

"Change is good," some will say. "When you close a door you open another." Some will disagree and say "Change sucks." But can you really judge an entire concept just by one circumstance?
The weather changing is good. People and plants and animals growing and changing is good. Changing your routine every so often is good. Without change people would have a really, really boring life.
Everything changes. Every second of every day. You can't stop it, things will always be changing. If you know you can't stop something as huge as the general concept of change is then why do people bother?
My life could be better. Yesterday I changed my pajamas, but the ones I was going to wear didn't dry right, so they didn't smell...nice. So I had to spend the night in very uncomfortable pajamas (my "emergijamas"). I was tossing and turning all night, so I had a horrible sleep. When I woke up I thought it was the weekend but it was Monday! That was the worst. Then it started to rain, and I had to put some stuff in my bag during the day, so it was heavy on the way home. All in all? A terrible couple of hours.
But it will make me stronger.
Change will always occur, it is one of nature's phenomenon(s?). Sometimes you will love the change, sometimes you will dislike it only to find out you will like it eventually - whether it be in a week or two years - and sometimes you will hate the change, and absolutely everything about it. We are humans, and it is okay to think that.
But whatever you think, it will make you stronger!
There is a consequence in everything, but there is also a reward in everything. There is something good in every change.
I know that now.


  1. that's a great post, what made you think that change is good?

  2. Thanks for commenting in my name, Mom. ;P I don't know, just one day I realized that there's no stopping it, and it's natural and always gonna happen, so it MUST be good. Life is good, the world is good, and if the world keeps changing then change has to be good.
    But sometimes I forget and cry about it. ;)


monica: omg hi
monica: what 2k u so long?
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monica: r u even here?
monica: RESPOND
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monica: wh@ever, nvm.
monica: leave a comment tling me where u went.
Monica has left the chatroom.

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