Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Top 20 Favorite Blogs

As promised earlier this week, here are my top 20 favorite blogs in alphabetical order from the evergrowing blogroll in the left sidebar. Wow that was a boring sentence. Anyway these are the ones I get really happy about when I see them in bold in my google reader. All pictures from the coinciding blog unless otherwise stated. Now that we're done with the boring stuff, onward!
nautical, 2 blue and white striped top     with cropped red pants and brown accessories
1) ...Love Maegan. Whether it's a gorgeous outfit like the above or an insanely awesome and creative DIY, this blog is one of my favorites.
2) 24 Free Dinners. Probably my favorite Tumblr, it features gorgeous photography, hilarious quotes, charts etc. and just plain awesomeness. Picture posted at 24 Free Dinners but originally from Devenir Gris.

3) Art Blog. One of the few art blogs I subscribe to (I think it's actually the only one but anyway), it features gorgeous, well, art! How gorgeous is that stuffed animal monkey?
4) Better Off Wed. A blog featuring usually funny and always entertaining stories and embarrassing incidents whilst being married sounds like a pretty good blog to me.
5) Christine Turmelle Photography. Though it's a very recent addition to the blogroll, I've fallen head over heels already for Christine Turmelle Photography. Absolutely stunning shots!
6) Daddy Likey. This is seriously the first blog I ever starting reading. (In June of last year, I think. Yes, I was very late to the bloggunity (blog community, duh)) It's also my second-favorite. I can't possibly express to you how much I adore it. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a post since August 28th, but you can scour the archives for guaranteed lols. Picture posted at Daddy Likey but originally from xVELVETx's Etsy. (Sold out)

7) Daisyboo and Waffle. A blog dedicated entirely to the two gorgeous cats above? Yes please.
8) D*mn Funny Texts. With multiple chuckle-inducing texts sent in by readers every day, each funny text is a pleasure to read!
9) Delightful Dozen. Featuring posts about awesome DIYs (like above), gorgeous outfits and "delightful things," this wonderful blog is written by twelve girls who have their own blogs, too! What a great idea!
10) Delightfully Tacky. This is my third favorite blog! With beautiful outfits, spectacular recounts of adventures - and, within that, trips on a super-cute Brave - and truly awesome red and teal hair, how can you not love Delightfully Tacky?!
11) Google Web Fonts. I'm a major font addict, so whenever I see their name in bold, I get excited about all the FREE fonts I can download!
12) How to Get Free Items on Stardoll. So sue me - I've got an account on Stardoll. That means that when I see there's something free available, a smile blossoms on my face. This is a great free stuff blog! (I don't think the free dress above is valid anymore, but I'm sure you could find it in someone's bazaar.)
13) I Make Shiny Things. This blog has adorbs pictures like the above, hilarious life lesson infographics and everything in between. Picture posted at I Make Shiny Things, but originally from California Dreams.
14) Inspiration for Decoration. It's what it sounds like, but better. Picture posted at Inspiration for Decoration, but originally from Susan Gilmore Photography (another blog on the blogroll!)
15) Invisible Cats. It doesn't get much better than cat pictures with "invisible" captions. ♥ Picture submitted by Mattijs.
16) Lemon Love. A Tumblr about all things funny, cool, beautiful and awesome. Picture posted at Lemon Love, but originally from Je T'aime.
17) Pigeons Aren't Perfect. Yup, it's a blog about pigeons, and though the posts aren't too often (is that grammatically correct? o.O), they're always wonderful. Yay pigeons!
18) Secret Society of List Addicts. Being a compulsive list-maker myself, I immediately clicked with this blog. So many funny lists and sad truths! I THINK the picture is from the site, but I'm not sure if it's originally their's...I couldn't find a link. Let me know! 
19) Super Great. Yes, a blog exists that features only super great things. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. Picture posted at Super Great but originally from (I think) ImgOps.
20) The Daybook. Coincidentally, my favorite blog in the history of EVER is the last one on this list! I could ramble on and on about how awesome Sydney's outfits are, and how much I love Awkward and Awesome Thursdays (her latest one) (my only one) and just how inexpressibly I adore The Daybook. Please check it out.
SO, whaddaya think? Tell me in the comments! PS - I'm not being paid by any of these lovely folks, I just think their blogs are awesome. ;)

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