Sunday, August 21, 2011

Has it Been a Year Already?!

When I started this beloved blog, I had no idea I would last a year. Everyone says that, yes, I know, but it really is true. Sure, I had ambitions of blogging for years and years here, but I didn't believe it! And yet here I am, three hundred sixty five days later, still posting! Sure, I used to post almost every day and now I post every couple of days but hey, it’s hard to come up with new ideas! Either way, I’m ecstatic to have Awesomeology in my life. Yay for blogging!
I can't possibly tell you how endlessly grateful I am that you are reading these very words. It means more to me than you could ever imagine. To have you reading the words that come into my head and form sentences, that my hands type as fast as possible into a new Blogger post, that's just surreal. And I love it. So, thank you. Thank you so, so much. I'm so grateful to you.
I know I'm posting a lot less than when I first started Awesomeology, last year on August 21st. It used to be daily, now it's every couple of days, with the exception of the current August Break. (More on that in a second.) But I honestly do try to post whenever I can - whenever I have an idea, and the time to form it into sentences and type it up. (C'mon, you know I spend too much time on the computer!)
And now for the August Break disclaimer: as you may have noticed I didn't post a picture yesterday. Why, you ask? Yesterday was an extuhremely busy day - I woke up at 10:30, had to take a much-overdue trip to the mall which took more than three hours, then I had to do my daily half-hour of Wii Fit and a new season of a TV show I love was on. So I simply didn't have time, and since I've already spent more than two hours on Awesomeology today, I will be back with an AB picture tomorrow (hopefully).
What was I doing for so long on Awesomeology? I was changing the template! If you're reading through a reader, come on over and check out the new design! I hope you love it. Everything's done except for a little issue I'm having with the favicon, but hopefully that'll get fixed soon. The sidebars, pages, disclaimers at the bottom, everything's updated! Enjoy!
AAAAAND without further ado: Awesomeology's stats!

All-time most popular post: My Top 10 Favorite Flowers
Total traffic hits: 6000+
Highest viewing country: USA
Total Google Reader subscribers: 7
Most common browser viewed in: IE
Most common OS viewed in: Windows
Most common Google keywords: lily of the valley flower
Most-viewed page: The segments
Total amount of posts: 296 (including this one)
Total amount of public followers: 8
Average number of posts per week: 4.4

Okay, so what do you want changed on Awesomeology? I'd love to hear your feedback!

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