Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh, How Things Do Change

Well, hi! It's been exactly a month since I've done anything to this blog. Listen up cuz I'm about to tell you a deep dark secret.
For over two months, I've been contemplating ending Awesomeology.
Yup, that's right. I considered it. I strongly, strongly considered. I was set on doing it. I didn't enjoy blogging here anymore, it felt like uuuuugh omg I have to write something on Awesomeology today? Ughhhhh. I don't waaaaant to when it should have felt like yippee! Time to update Awesomeology! Yay!!!!!
I have made my decision.
And it's a pretty big one.
I have decided that I will continue to post on Awesomeology. But there will be a huge difference. It won't be too different from the sporadic past two (or is it three?) months, but it will be different from when I started this site. I will only post when I both have content and want, really really want to do so. Translation? Once a month is the huge maximum. If I'm disappointing anybody I'm both flattered and sorry, but I need to put myself first before I go insane from guilt and mental freak-outs when I'm trying to fall asleep.
So are we all set? I don't have to feel guilty about hardly posting because you're fully disclosed now? Ahhhhh. There's a sigh of relief. Good. Great. Wonderful! Awesome!
Thanks. I don't think I'll be ending Awesomeology anytime soon. I even revived the template! Because seriously, in my climate, beaches and waves are just not gonna happen for the next seven months :)
PS - I'm curious...if you celebrate it and are currently in a festive music mood, what Christmas song are you listening to right now? Frosty the Snowman for me :) FROSTY 4EVAH!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love Frost-o.

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monica: wh@ever, nvm.
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