Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quirks #3

I compulsively "star" the items in my Google Reader. My starred-items list is breathtakingly long. Seriously. It's a problem.

I think of something to say for a Quirks post very, very often, usually at night when I'm trying and failing miserably to fall asleep. I forget them the next morning.

My preferred color of cat is orange. (Come on. I dare you to disagree. I DARE you.)

I dislike the scent of pears. Strongly. Everyone else I know really, really likes it.

My wardrobe is about to explode. Too many clothes, you say? No! It is literally too small. I swear.

Ever since I bought a BUNCH of fluffy socks about a year ago, I refuse to wear any other type of socks. (All you other socks are inferior! Mwa ha ha ha!)

I got a calendar for Christmas (there's a new cat every month! Aah! That pleases me so much!). I used to have a planner. And I now know that I prefer calenders so, SO much. It's actually visible! Constantly! Whoa!

Whenever I don't know what to type and/or don't want to type something, I press "K" and then backspace over and over and over again. It is so weird. I have no idea why I do it, or when I started to do it. (Though it was fairly recently, in the last few months I'd say.) It's not so much the letter K as the placement of the letter K on the keyboard. Weird!

Since I was about six years old, my favorite number has been five. Always unchanging. Possibly due to the fact that I had five wall decals in my room, each of them of a different Disney princess. Since then, I noticed that a bunch of things came in quantities of five. And I fell in love with the number five. (What a beautiful love story!) Oh, and if you were wondering, my favorite Disney princess always has been and always will be Sleeping Beauty. Gotta love her.


What are your quirks?

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