What font did you use for the "Awesomeology" part of your title?
I wanted the title to be an ever-so-slightly modified version of a simple font everyone has - I chose Verdana. It's in bold.

What font did you use for the description part of your title?
Verdana is also the font I used for the description ("the study of awesome"). It has been bolded and italicized.

Is the template you use a Blogger template or did you/someone design it for you?
Yes, it's a Blogger template, it is in the "Ethereal" section. I'm not sure exactly which one of the three I used, but they're all the same, just with different default colors/backgrounds. Oh, one time I tried to design a template for myself and it was such a disaster, haha!

You say Awesomeology didn't always look like this...can you tell us more?
I sure can! Awesomeology first was salmon-colored and had poppies on it, then it was green with polka dots, then red argyle, then brown planks of wood, then a watery, ocean-y theme, and currently it is this multicolored springy theme. There were definitely a few more shorter-lasting, random themes along the way, too, though.

When and why does Awesomeology's design change?
Awesomeology's design changes on holidays (usually, if I have time/celebrate the holiday/care enough ;)) and when the season changes so stick around! Every few months - or more often if I'm getting antsy with the design - this blog'll have a whole new look.

I view Awesomeology through a reader, how will I know when the design changes so I can take a look?
Awww, your concern is so flattering! :D I'll notify you in a post whenever I change the design, so you'll still know even if you're subscribed to Awesomeology's RSS feed.

How old is Awesomeology?
Awesomeology was born on August 21st, 2010. It's more than a year old, my wittle baby!

Why did you start Awesomeology?
I've had a blog since January 2010. It was (and still is) private. I wanted to keep it - and I still do write on it, every day, and I love love love doing so! - but I also wanted another blog, a public one, so I wouldn't be restricted to the miniscule audience that my private blog has. That's where Awesomeology came in!

How can I search for something on Awesomeology? There used to be a search bar in the sidebar, but it's gone.
It is gone! That's because I thought it was unsightly, what with the Google logo and stuff! ;P There's a search bar in the very, VEEEEERY top left o' the blog. Above the logo, even.

If you'd like to ask me a question, please feel free to comment on any post or page and if it's a good one, I'll put it up here in the FAQ HOF! Alternatively, if your question is here and you don't want it to be, let me know and I'll take it down.

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